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Renner Compressors

Renner Compressors

Vortex offers Renner compressors as our first choice for quality compressors, made in Germany they offer excellent features and exceptional value for money. Vortex can supply and install the full range of Renner compressors to meet your sites air needs and ensure you get the best performance from your ELV equipment. As well as the compressors we can install all the pipe work and air regulators needed throughout your site providing the total solution for all of your campressed air needs.

The three most common compressors that we install into ELV facilities are

RSDK-ECN 7.5kw 30cfm @10 bar 

RSDK-ECN 11kw 52cfm @10 bar 

RSDK-ECN15 69cfm @10 bar            

We always recommend that the compressors are fitted with a dryer and filters to ensure that the air supply is clean and dry, this protects your equipment and extends its life as well as preventing icing up in cold conditions.