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Vortex Catalytic Converter Cutter DHS100

The Vortex Cat Cutter

The Vortex Catalytic Converter Cutter

  • The hydraulic cutter is used to easily snip off the vehicles catalytic converter without destroying the valuable catalyst inside.

  • The cutters work from a hydraulic power pack which is powered by either air, electric motor or petrol engine. This produces a 700bar (10,000lbs/psi) hydraulic output.

  • This power turns into a 28.1 tonne cutting force, through high tensile specially heat treated blades.

  • The power twist handle automatically stops the cutter when released.

  • With the fully air powered unit it is safe to cut the cat while the vehicles fuel is being drained with the vortex fuel tool.

  • The cat cutter is a safe and efficient way to remove a high value item from the vehicle, it is easy to use and saves the yard operative time and protects them from the risks associated with cutting using a saw or oxy acetylene