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This the Vortex Tower System.


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Vortex De-pollution Tower

The Vortex De-pollution Tower 

The de-pollution tower utilises the same high speed pump technology and robust design and build qualities as the Combi System, but it was designed to fit with any type of lift instead of a stand, this balances up our range of equipment and provides a powerful solution for companies that would rather use a lift to process their vehicles.

  • The Tower is designed to fit with any lift, scissor,single or two post.
  • The cabinet is a stand alone unit which is strong enough to mount our high specification oil arm to.
  • All operating switches are mounted where the operator needs them
  • There is an option for mounting two air reels on the top for easy use of air tools.
  • The unit has the facility to switch between clean and dirty petrol and diesel
  • All under bonnet fluids are pumped out and go directly to the relevant storage tanks through the oil arms which hose the extraction pipes.