Shock Tool

The Vortex Shock Tool

The Vortex shock tool

The Vortex shock tool operates a closed vacuum system, so the shock absorber fluid is always enclosed in the machine. This offers a fast and easy extraction of the fluid from the shock absorbers. The tool uses air powered hydraulics to drive our specially designed head, the tool is fitted around the shock absorber and the punch is driven in and the shock absorber is sealed, the operator then switches on the vacuum and to drain the shock absorber, this is aided by a low pressure air blowing into the sealed unit to break the vacuum. The oil is stored in the 90ltr vacuum cylinder. The Shock tool was designed to be robust and user friendly even when used in 
the tough environment of scrap and salvage yards.


  • Easy to use
  • Big wheels for ease of movment
  • Designed to do the job efficiently without spills
  • Fast extraction of fluid