Oil & Coolant Extraction

Vortex Oil and Coolant Extraction System

The Vortex Oil & Water Extraction Tool

The oil drainer funnels are moved into position under the engine sump and the transmission so that the oils can be drained into them

The drainers are fitted with two removable stainless steel filters for easy cleaning and a sump magnet to keep the smaller particles out of the pipe line. This prevents blockages in the system.

The funnels can be raised to the engine and transmission to reduce the risk of spillage.

Each funnel is controlled individually with a manually operated ball valve.

The system can also be linked to the oil filter drainer to pump out the drum.

Tooling is attached to the drainer arms to speed up the process times

The coolant is removed by piercing the lower radiator hose with a hollow spike and pumping the fluids out of the system.

What do customers get?

  • An easy to use system that will easily drain used engine and transmission oils then pump them away to storage tanks for recycling which in some areas may be sold
  • The filtration on our system is 'easy clean' so the pipes don’t get blocked, keeping the equipment running with minimum maintenance.
  • Compliance with existing or planned laws on contamination issues.
  • Safe for operators as they are not moving open tanks or oil drainers on wheels around the yard to empty them, the Vortex tool saves time as well as reducing the risk of spillage.
  • A cleaner and safer yard - because with no spillage there is no risk slipping or ground contamination.

Why does the customer buy?

  • Safety for its work force. By protecting workers it reduces the chance of legal action 
  • By using a pumped system the risk of spillage and contamination is reduced, in addition the potential for fines for non compliance with regulations is also reduced.
  • Some operators see that having a cleaner yard – free from risk of contamination - is an environmental benefit.This can be used to promote their green credentials and bring in more business from the evermore environmentally aware public.
  • The potential for resale of the used oils creates another revenue stream.

Vortex Oil Arm & Coolant spike video