Mobile Fuel Tool

The Vortex Mobile Fuel Tool

The Vortex Mobile Fuel Extraction Tool

The tool was designed to be used around multiple dismantling bays, making it easier for the workers to drain the tank before dropping it to recover the pump and sender unit for resale, but is equally useful in lower volume yards.

  • The Fuel tool is pressed up to the underside of a vehicle’s fuel tank on a hydraulic pump-up jack this makes a liquid and vapour tight seal, it then punches a hole into the bottom of the tank.
  • The operator can then assess the quality of the fuel – whether petrol or diesel and decide where to send it.
  • The pump is switched on and the tank is drained at a rate of around 6 gallons per minute.

Benefits of the Vortex Mobile Fuel Tool:

  • The system is designed to fit in with stands or lifts, either ours or your own already at your site.
  • It is an easy to use single pump system
  • With the see through head the quality of the fuel can be assessed before deciding where to send it.
  • Gasoline or diesel can be pumped and filtered separately so the fuel can be reused in your own vehicles or sold to fuel companies who may reprocess it.
  • The tool can easily be moved around your site and simply plugged in to fixed pipework and sent directly to storage tanks  or mobile containers.
  • It is a sealed system so gasoline can be extracted at the same time as the catalytic converter is cut off and the oils are removed.
  • It is safer for operators as they do not come into contact with the gasoline or diesel which, as well as being highly flammable, can lead to serious skin and other health problems
  • A cleaner and safer yard or building- with no spillage, there is no risk of ground contamination and the risk of fires and explosions is minimised.

Why do customers buy Vortex?

  •  Compliance with existing or laws on contamination issues.
  •  A safer environment for operators – Better than any in place today.
  •  By protecting workers it reduces the chance of legal action or action
  •  By using a contained leak free system the risk of spillage and contamination are reduced. In addition the potential for fines for non compliance with local regulations is also reduced.
  • Some operators see that having a cleaner yard – free from risk of contamination - is an environmental benefit. This can be used to promote their green credentials and bring in more business from the evermore environmentally aware public.
  • Reuse of the gasoline, with fuel costs for ever rising is recycling at its best and gives a quick return on investment whether you are using it in your own vehicles or selling the fuel on.