Mobile Oil & Water Tool

Vortex De-pollution Mobile Oil and Water Drainer

The Mobile oil and water system

This unit was designed to work alongside the mobile fuel tool in multi lift dismantling bays in a  salvage environment, it does away with the need for clumsy oil drainers which forever need emptying, and replaces them with a tool which pumps the fluids away into storage tanks. it comprises two pumps, one for oils and one for the waters.

First the engine bay fluids are removed, brake fluid and power assisted steering fluid are suctioned out of the reservoirs and pumped away to the tanks followed by the coolant reservoir and the screen washer fluid tank.

The vehicle is then lifted to allow the engine and transmission oils to be drained in to the rubber funnels and pumped away, then the coolant is extracted via the coolant spike and pumped to the waste water tank.

Benefits of the mobile oil and water system

  • A single machine to do all engine bay fluid draining 
  • No emptying as all fluids are pumped away directly to tanks
  • reduced risk of spillage 
  • Cleaner working environment 
  • Works with your existing lift systems
  • Small enough to lock away at night