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Combi System

The Vortex Combi Stand is made up of a 5 tonne vehicle stand, which can tilt the car to each side to maximise fluid recovery. it also includes the Vortex Fuel recovery tool which punches a hole in the bottom of the tank and vacuums out the fuel, it can be assessed for quality before being sent to the correct storage tank. The system also incorporates our oil drainer arms, with raising funnels and 2" pipes coupled with our washable filter system these arms never block up. we can also drain the coolant via our coolant spike which pushes in to the bottom radiator hose and vacuums out the coolant from the cars system.
The Combi system is the fastest vehicle de-pollution system in the world, with our no block technology and or dynamic approach to process speed, we offer you a simple system that does the job day in day out with minimal maintenance, minimal mess and keeps operators safe. 

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Combi system description

See our video here for an explaination of the Vortex vehicle depollution combination system for End of life vehicle draining.

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The worlds, fastest most efficient under vehicle draining system!
  • The Combi system is a combination of our Fuel Extraction Tool, our oil and coolant drainer system and a vehicle stand.
  • The centre of the stand provides a perfect tool storage area with a shelf and a back plate which can house tools, making the operators job easier and speeding up production.
  • The fuel tool is pressed up to the underside of the vehicles fuel tank on a hydraulic jack to make to make a vapour and liquid tight seal, it then punches a hole into the bottom of the tank.
  • The operator can then assess the quality of the fuel whether petrol or diesel and decide to send it to the clean fuel tanks or the dirty fuel tank. The pump is then switched on and the tank is drained at a rate of around 35 litres per minute.
  • Because the vehicle is tilted to the correct angle on our stand we can maximise the fluid extraction. 
  • When the fuel is fully drained the tank can be plugged or left open.
  • The oil drainer arm is moved into position under the engine sump and the transmission so that oils can be drained into them.
  • The drainers are fitted with two removable and cleanable stainless steel strainers, at the bottom of the sump tubes are magnets to keep smaller particles out of the pipe line. This prevents blockages in the system.
  • The funnels can be raised to reduce the risk of spillage.
  • Each funnel is controlled individually with a manually operated ball valve.
  • All the required tooling is fitted right where the operator needs it, this speeds up the processing time.
  • The coolant is removed by piercing the lower radiator hose with the specially designed spike then pumping the coolant out through the pumps.
  • All the pumps, housed in the central cabinet are filter protected 1” double diaphragm pumps which are deliberately over specified to give a huge increase in performance.

  • This is our highest throughput machine designed to process vehicles at very high speed; we have some customers processing over 60 cars per day on one of our systems. This saves buying multiple lifts in high throughput yards.
  • Simple to use features make this the most operator friendly design on the market, with tooling placed at the users fingertips, this speeds up process times and increases throughput.
  • Our whole system is designed to be blockage free, from easy clean strainers to oversized pipes. This saves down time and keeps production and the fluids flowing.
  • Less moving parts means less to go wrong, all our equipment is designed simply to keep maintenance costs low, for example our punch has one moving part which is guaranteed 1 million actuations, a drill system has multiple moving parts that wear out regularly and are expensive to replace.
  • Our equipment is safe for operators to use, with ever increasing litigation in the workplace, we design out the need for moving heavy oil drainers around the yard, and the associated risk of spillages, operators of our equipment don’t get covered in petrol when the drill shield splits.

    Why do customers buy Vortex?
  • Safety for its work force. By protecting workers it reduces the chance of legal action or action from EA /HSE/OSHA/EPA
  • By using a pumped system the risk of spillage and contamination is reduced, in addition the potential for fines for noncompliance with regulations is also reduced.
  • Some operators see that having a cleaner yard – free from risk of contamination - is an environmental benefit. This can be used to promote their green credentials and bring in more business from the evermore environmentally aware public.
  • The potential for resale of the used oils, fuels coolant and wash water creates another revenue stream.
  • But above all Vortex equipment works year in year out, with minimal maintenance.