Vortex Starter Kit

Our starter kit is exactly that, it provides all you need to get started with de-polluting vehicles in a cost effective and safe way.  This kit enables you to meets all the requirements of the ELV directive, but also enhances fuel safety by using our sealed tank system for fuel draining, thereby reducing the risk of fire and eliminating the risk of employees coming in to contact with fuel through spillage. 

Our starter pack is aimed at lower volume recyclers, however it is all high quality equipment selected for its robustness and ease of use.

Vortex also manufactures a range of fuel storage tanks as well as supplying a full range of plastic storage tanks for oils, waters and diesel; ask us about prices for these as you want to add to your system.

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Starter Kit Contents

  • Vortex Mobile Fuel Tool
  • Gravity Oil Drainer & Low Level Drain Tray
  • Oil Suction Drainer
  • Water Suction Drainer & Vortex Coolant Spike
  • Brake Fluid Unit, 
  • Aircon Recovery Kit
  • Oil Filter Crusher