Midi Catwalk System

Vortex Gantry System

Vortex Gantry System 

The major benefit of Vortex is that we are an engineering company so if a customer wants a particular layout we can easily comply, and that is how the Gantry Combi system came about.

The benefit of this system is that you only have to handle the car once, in a high throughput yard these systems can be fitted in whatever multiple is required to process the days vehicle count. The vehicle is processed in the same way as our low stand preparation area but the prep pump system is mounted on top of the gantry for removing under the bonnet fluids, the underside of the vehicle is processed with our Combi system.

If you install multiples of this system one man on top and one on the bottom can process three vehicles at a time, as soon as the third one is done the first is ready to come off, just like a production line.

  • The Vortex gantry system allows you to de-pollute the vehicle from underneath as well as under the bonnet at the same time with only one fork truck movement
  • The low footprint saves space.
  • Our prep pump system is integrated into the gantry for fast removal of brake and power assisted steering fluids, Coolant and washer fluid. As well as air conditioning gases.
  • Under the vehicle equipment is the same as the Combi system
  • All tooling is integrated into the system doing away with the need for tool boxes and speeding up the process as everything is to hand.