Catwalk System

The Vortex Catwalk system is our fastest de-pollution rig to date, we have customers processing over 80 vehicles a day.The Catwalk System enables the vehicle to be worked on from underneath at the same time as the topside is being processed, for maximum speed of production and minimal handling of the vehicle. Powered floors slide out to enable any size of vehicle to be loaded onto the system,The vehicle is loaded onto the rack at the correct angle with movable tilt blocks under one side, to maximise fluid recovery. Our well proven Combi system sits under the catwalk with our unique fuel tool head, enabling the operator to assess fuel quality before deciding to send it to the clean or dirty tanks, also we have our oil drainer arms with raising funnels and no clog technology and then we have our coolant spike which slips in to the bottom radiator hose to vacuum out the coolant from the system. Upstairs we have the suction pumps for all engine bay fluids.

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The Vortex Catwalk System

The worlds fastest full vehicle draining system.

  • Includes our tried and tested fuel tool head which allows operators to identify clean or dirty fuel and send it to the correct storage tank, this save contamination in your quality fuel tanks allowing you a better price for the fuel
  • Our fuel tool head has only one moving part so nothing to go wrong, it works on plastic and steel tanks.
  • The centre stand provides the perfect tool storage area with a shelf and back plate which can house tools to speed up production
  • The vehicle is tilted to either side by our movable tilt blocks. tilting the vehicle maximises fluid recovery.
  • Our oil drainer arms are made of 2" pipe to minimise the chance of blockages, the raisable funnels are fitted with cleanable stainless steel strainers and at the bottom of the sump tubes are magnets to catch the fine particles, this combination prevents the oil drainers from clogging and improves production times.
  • The coolant is removed by piercing the bottom radiator hose with the coolant spike and extracting it through the suction pump
  • The cabinet is fitted with four filter protected 1" double diaphragm pumps which are deliberately over specified to give a huge increase in performance.
  • On the upper platform the operator opens the front floor which is pneumatically driven out to the front of the vehicle on the rack, at the same time the rear safety door closes, the operator then removes the battery into the storage box, connects the air conditioning recovery unit and removes the fluids from the engine bay with the overhead pump system.
  • The operator then moves to the rear of the vehicle where the rear floor can be powered in to make a safe platform at the rear, the vehicle can then have rubbish removed and the spare wheel taken out.

Why do customers buy Vortex?

  • Safety for its work force. By protecting workers it reduces the chance of legal action or action from EA /HSE/OSHA/EPA


  • By using a pumped system the risk of spillage and contamination is reduced, in addition the potential for fines for non compliance with regulations is also reduced.
  • Some operators see that having a cleaner yard – free from risk of contamination - is an environmental benefit. This can be used to promote their green credentials and bring in more business from the evermore environmentally aware public.
  • The potential for resale of the used oils, fuels coolant and wash water creates another revenue stream.
  • But above all Vortex equipment works year in year out, with minimal maintenance.