Vehicle stands

Vortex High StandHigh Stand

The Vortex High Stand is a rugged alternative to a lift. Capable of supporting 3.5tonnes the high stand can safely support the largest vehicle likely to be encountered at a safe working height for fuel extraction, draining engine and gearbox oils and removal of coolant water.
Unlike a lift, Vortex High Stand has been designed with blocks at each side to ensure the vehicles sits at the best angle to ensure the maximum amount of fuel and oil is recovered from the vehicle in the shortest time possible.
Engineered in Nottingham the Vortex High Stand is a maintenance free alternative to a lift based system for overhead operations.

Preparation stand

The low prep-stand could be sited inside or outside the ELV building. It is designed to make the job of removal of under bonnet fluids i.e. brake fluid, PAS, coolant water, screen wash and air con refrigerant easier and safer.

The wheels can easily be removed at this point using air tools connected to the air supply, and shock absorbers de-polluted using the Vortex Shock Tool.Vortex Vehicle Preparation Stand

Walkway bund tray

The galvanized platform is a useful addition to ensure the operative is at the right height to carry out all under-bonnet operations such as battery removal, brake fluid/PAS and screen wash. It also has a sloped containment tray inside to catch any drips or spills as the vehicle is processed.