Catalytic converter cutters

The Vortex Catalytic Converter Cutter
  • Vortex Catalytic Converter CutterThe hydraulic cutter is used to snip off the vehicles catalytic converter easily, without destroying the valuable catalyst inside
  • The cutters work from either an air driven power pack or a traditional electric motor driven power pack. Either way they operate at 10000 PSI.
  • They produce a 21 ton (46000lbs) cutting force through high tensile specialy heat treated blades.
  • The power twist handle automatically stops the cutter when released.
  • With the fully air powered unit it is safe to use whilst extracting the fuel with the Vortex fuel tool.

    What does the customer get?
  • A fast return on investment, with the average price for a `cat’  it doesn’t take many cars to get a return on your investment.
  • A safe, efficient and easy to use product that will save the yard operatives time and protect them from risks associated with cutting them off using a saw or oxy acetylene.

  • Modular design of the cutter makes maintenance easy.
  • Built in relief valves for operator and equipment protection
  • Interchangeable blade designs

    Why does a customer buy Vortex cutters?
  • Resale of cats is a highly profitable business.
  • Anything that makes the process time faster, more efficient and simple is an obvious benefit.
  • Cost effective compared with other brands
  • Easy to use with minimum training requirement.
  • Can be used whilst extracting gasoline with air powered hydraulic unit.
  • Quick return on investment
  • Service and support for the tool from the manufacturer.