Air bag & seat belt pretensioner deployment

The Airbag deployment systemVortex Depollution Airbag Deployment System
  • The unit is connected to the vehicles electronic control unit or individual airbags to deploy them.
  • The operator can then use the tool at a safe distance to deploy all the airbags and seatbelt pretensioners.
  • This meets the requirements of the End of Life Vehicle Directive which states that all airbags must be deployed or removed for neutralisation prior to shredding.
  • Airbags need to be deployed prior to shredding as they contain an explosive called Sodium Azide which is highly toxic.
The Benefits of the Vortex airbag deployment tool
  • All parts are reusable so once you have our equipment there is no need to buy expensive connectors for each car.
  • All airbags and seat belt pretensioners can be deployed at the push of a button, saving you time and making your ELV operation more efficient.
  • Rechargeable deployment control unit does not have to be plugged in to the mains whilst it is operated.
  • Its robust construction means it is suitable for use in the harsh environment of a scrap or salvage yard.
  • The equipment is easy to use with only three connections to make.
  • It is supplied in its own rugged aluminium carry case to store the kit when not in use.
  • Deploys both AC and DC airbags.
  • Full training courses are available for all your operators.

Why do customers buy the Vortex airbag deployment system?

  • Compliance with the ELV Directive legislation.
  • Safer for operators, as they are away from the vehicle when the airbag is deployed.
  • By protecting operatives it reduces the chance of legal action or action by the HSE.
  • Safety key ensures only the operator with the key can use the tool.
  • No one else can inadvertently set off the airbag.
  • A loud warning buzzer sounds to warn anyone in the area of a potential deployment